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A Better City! A Better Life!

Vote for Kate to build "A Better City! A Better Life!" together.


1. Improve community safety and wellbeing


Community safety is fundamental to a good life. We heard about break-ins that happened during the day, vehicle theft, speeding accidents in the community, young people doing drugs in parks, and other safety issues when we were visiting residents.


My Plan:

  • Expand the coverage of the Neighborhood Watch program

  • Enhance speeding control measures in residential areas

  • Introduce the Ontario Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Grant Program in key areas if need

2. Support sustainable city planning and development


Compared with neighboring cities, Richmond Hill needs development in areas including transportation, economy, and urban modernization. Only rational and sustainable development planning can guarantee the quality of life of current and future residents. Sustainable development planning means that new planning must be supported by sufficient supporting resources, such as schools, parks, sports facilities, medical care, etc. The new plan must ensure the living standards of all residents, including existing residents and future new residents.


My plan:

  • Support the Richmond Hill subway extension project

  • Support sustainable development planning

  • Oppose excessive development that is detrimental to the quality of life of residents

3. Strengthen social support infrastructure for parents and seniors with needs


Our city has a large population of immigrants, most families do not have relatives or friends living nearby. Many young families and the elderly need help. Especially during the pandemic, a lot of parents need to work and take care of their children at the same time, and the elderly need help and care more. I am determined to build up the social support infrastructure and improve the quality of life of residents in need.


My plan:

  • Introduce more activity programs in community centers

  • Encourage relevant non-profit organizations to provide services in the region

  • Provide a multilingual guide to help residents find and use the programs and services

4. Encourage innovation while ensuring the quality & efficiency of city service


In the process of visiting residents, the residents expressed their confusion about the increasing property tax and utility fees. More generally, the speed and quality of the existing Internet networks in the district are poor, which seriously affects the efficiency of working from home and needs to be upgraded. Residents also made many comments and suggestions on cleaning and snow removal services in public areas.


My plan:

  • Take the initiative to facilitate the upgrade of the outdated Internet service

  • Encourage innovation in technology or strategy in municipal services to improve the efficiency and quality

  • Support the transparency of municipal expenditures and bills


I will act as a bridge between the government and residents to promote effective communication, encourage the participation and integration of different communities in our multicultural city, and make unremitting efforts to build a better city together.



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