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New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Kate (Haiyan) Jiang, PhD. MSc., is a scientist. She is a graduate of the University of Toronto Dalla Lana School of Public Health. She has lived in Richmond Hill with her family for 11 years.

If you would like to know more about Kate's background as a researcher or what she does. You may check out her profile and publications on research gate

Kate has a passion to serve the community. She is a long-time parent volunteer, an active non-profit event organizer, and a new yet strong voice for the community.

Kate spoke about the concerns of recreational cannabis consumption in public as the only delegate in the special council meeting held on Oct. 18th, 2018, the day Richmond Hill passed the new bylaw forbidding recreational smoking or vaping cannabis on public property.

Kate on Singtao News (A Local Chinese Newspaper)

Kate and the former mayor David Barrow after the council meeting.

Kate was interviewed by the local newspaper Richmond Hill Liberal in May 2022. She shared her opinions on the provincial election and local issues。 

Communication, development and health care: Richmond Hill residents share their expectations for next MPPs

Communication is key for Kate Jiang, a local business owner, and for Aizick Grimman, a father who runs his own business.

“I do hope the MPP can communicate with the residents and represent his or her constituency to bring their voices to Queen’s Park,” said Jiang, who has lived in the Richmond Hill riding for 10 years. 

Kate genuinely cares about the needs of the community. At the beginning of the pandemic in Jan. 2020, she, representing fellow parents, wrote the 1st letter to YRDSB raising concerns of the Covid-19 when most people thought it was flu. During the pandemic, she kept on sharing pandemic news and vaccine information in social groups on a daily basis. She also volunteered and helped hundreds of local high school students looking for volunteer opportunities during the difficult time.  

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